International Consolidated for Legal Consultations (ICLC)

Our multi-practice law firm which was established in the year 1979 by Professor/ Dr. George Hazboun, in Amman, Jordan is a leading company with wide range of international activities. The firm has grown progressively to become one of the leading law firms in Jordan and one of the well-known in the MENA region, by which it is recognized for both its excellence and for its impeccable services. Consultations and litigation are on top of our services to our clients.

ICLC Has acted over the years for and on behalf of a wide range of well-known and reputable local and international clients in the fields of Petroleum & Energy agreements, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Maritime, Construction Contract, Investment, Arbitration (domestic and international), Patents and Commercial Business, by which the firm has proven capable of providing comprehensive legal assistance, while ensuring a customized, timely and conscientious consideration to each and every client. 

Our Law Firm issues an informative e- Periodical Newsletter for the awareness of Clients about the recent breakthroughs in Laws in Jordan and, Middle East and the Gulf Countries.

ICLC is one of the first law firms in Jordan that advises clients in the French language, in addition to the Arabic and English languages. 

Our Law firm has many close connections with reputable international law firms around the world who rely on ICLC to fulfill their Client’s needs. Our specialization areas cover all legal aspects of doing business and carrying out commercial transactions in Jordan. Our team work together and across practice.

Specialties in order to assist and help clients anticipate and evade problems, Resolve disputes, and achieve their legal and business goals.

Our talented Attorneys and Counselors and their expertise along with the teamwork employed in our law firm in order to bring out superior services to our clients is what make ICLC, triumph over other law firms and is the source of strength of our Firm. But more importantly, our strength comes from our clients’ trust that we will give them the quality of service that they deserve.

On the other hand, our superior team is well known in the fields of the international arbitration. The Managing director of the law firm is Professor George Hazboun an authority as a law professor lecturing in different universities in Jordan, various Arab Countries, contributed in the training of the Jordanian judges and civil servants of ministries in Arab countries.

(i.e.,The Civil Servants of the Ministry of Oil in the Republic of Yemen), besides his contributions in drafting laws and regulations in Jordan and assisting the World Bank in some of similar tasks.

Professor Hazboun acted as arbitrator(sole, Chairman and member of Arbitration Tribunal). In 70 international and domestic arbitration cases also he represented state and governments in arbitration cases. 

Professor Hazboun is specialized in Comparative Law, Conflict Laws including, but not limited to international agreements i.e. Gas & Oil, Banking, and transportation.

He is member of many international Arbitration institutions and commissions(AAA, CAC and the ICC).

Professor Hazboun is author of forty two published legal articles and three books.

ICLC client's portfolio includes International, regional and domestic corporations customers.

Associate Law Firms:

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  • Colin R.Singer/ Canada
  • Maalouf,Ashford & Talbot LL.P -New York,USA