Legal drafting company in Amman is a trustworthy company that provides you with the best services in the legal field. Highly equipped with qualified and well experienced legal staff, they ensure that they present your legal matters as outlaid by the governing policies on legal drafting. Their legal documents are not only concise and clear but also conform to the objective standards in the legal profession. Outlined below are a few among the many legal drafting services offered;

Memorandum of understanding

This is a formal legal tool that constitutes a binding contract between two parties. This is applicable in the departmental level, agency level as well as company level. Legal drafting company in Amman offers you sufficient legal advice and documentations of binding contracts. They ensure all the guidelines pertaining drafting of a memorandum of understanding are strictly followed.

Commercial agencies and Franchise agreements

This is specifically targeted at foreign investors that would wish to invest in Amman. Qualified Legal advisors at Amman are extremely reliable in advising such investors when it comes to Amman law and the legal consequences the law will have on their business. Amman legal advisors also play a role in restructuring the Amman law, for example redrafting the taxation policies on foreign investment. This not attracts foreign investors but also provide a solid foundation of such businesses in Amman.

Finance and banking

Lawyers at legal drafting company in Amman are well conversant in the area of banking and finance, and therefore provide professional legal advice in this sector. They provide deep insight in a number of debt issues as well as draft and implement a variety of corporate finance projects. Redrafting of policies governing debts, loans and foreign exchange contracts, are among the many services offered by legal advisors in Amman. All these policies are ultimately governed by the Islamic law.


Legal staffs employed at legal drafting company in Amman, have an in depth understanding on the policies governing taxation in Amman. They can therefore advise you accordingly on issues pertaining taxes. In addition, they specialize on both local and international taxation policies.