International Consolidated for Legal Consultations law firm is the leading reputable legal and consultation firm in Jordan. It reputation for litigation precedes it wherever you go in Jordan. It is a firm driven by excellence and dedication to an admirable servitude of its esteemed clients, from its inception in the late 1979 to date. Professor George Hazboun Hazboun a law professor and  counsellor  at law (LL.D) and  the founder of the best law firm in Jordan, is armed with knowledge, vast experience, and expertise in the field. Nonetheless, he is aided by a group of young and equally competent Ivy League attorneys with infinite knowledge and diversity aimed at meeting the needs as a client.

Services offered

What exactly make us the leading law firm in the Jordan, is unlimited nature of service rendered. We believe in diversification to meet the customers demand therefore, we have branched out to every possible service industry available in the land. Just to mention; Aviation industry, banking, capital markets, Financial institutions, commercial litigation, due diligence, taxes, NGOs, construction, Mergers & acquisition, and international trade. The list is endless, growing by the day as we adapt to a rapidly changing world a characteristic of best law firm in Jordan.


The reputation of Jordan best law firm is perhaps augmented by the presence in the international scene. The law firm is highly recognized by all people and this is why most clients go for these professionals. Do not be left behind as everyone is at par with what they do. The legal advices are valued in one of the most challenging fields such as maritime and shipping industry. Therefore, this means they are well prepared to tackle both individual and commercial cases.


Communication is probably the best tool to reach the client base. In order to meet this requirement, we have broadened the communication facilities such as publications for references. Further, the attorneys are well conversant with both Arabic and English languages. These alongside the many accolades collected by the firm only assert the position of ICLC as the best law firm in Jordan. Since you are guaranteed for the best, this should be your top chance to get the best lawyers who are always ready to give you the best.