ICLC (International consolidated legal consultants), is a firm with credible performance on international scene. Being one of the company’s top specialties’, international arbitration is a field in which many people have excelled in, in the Middle East. Dealing with clients conducting commerce across boundaries and around the globe, they are diversified in order to conform to the ever evolving world and adapted to the various challenges posed by this seemingly complicated environment. This is to deliver the best service available to all the clients, especially in the field of international arbitration. The following are the key things you ought to know about International Arbitration Law firm in Jordan.


At ICLC, we have a great team of learned individual with impeccable resume only comparable to ivy league level professional practicing law round the globe. International arbitration is a sensitive field that requires professionals with deep knowledge and vast experience as exhibited by members of all the team.

These individuals undergo thorough training, mentorship programs of few handpicked to represent the firm. For this case, the International Arbitration Law firm in Jordan is the most preferred by most people both in the Middle East and the entire world. If you are in need of these services therefore, do not sit back and relax. Do your best and seek them.

Track Record

International consolidated legal consultancy firm has had a great run in international arbitration scene, arbitrating on cases  involving big multinationals and corporations known all over the world. The consensus reached has more often than not been reliable and acceptable by all the parties involved. Due to this, all the clients are happy and the list continues to grow. In international arbitration, we are driven by the need to meet all the clients need or compromise it with better alternatives that will ensure win for everyone.

The end Game

International Arbitration Law firm in Jordan continues to be the best practicing firm in Jordan and across the continent. With big multination and corporation like The World Bank and various countries in the continent under its wings, international arbitration is a big part of its diurnal activities. For this particular reason, the firm excels primarily in international arbitration. You should not think of any other firm rather than the International Arbitration Law firm in Jordan.