Our lawyers have defended the interests of ICLC clients not only in arbitration proceedings but also in any parallel judicial proceedings before national courts, which, at times, are commenced in connection with very complex disputes.

In addition to our experience as counsel and as arbitrators in dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation, conciliation, and arbitration proceedings, we assist our clients in structuring corporate-wide strategic and cost-efficient arbitration/dispute resolution programs as well as in drafting arbitration clauses for international commercial contracts.

ICLC lawyers regularly advise global companies on the drafting of choice of law, choice of forum and arbitration clauses for project finance and energy transactions, joint ventures, technology transfers and various other transactions involving parties from around the world.

ICLC repents companies and individual from a wide range of industries, including, among others:

  • Energy, oil and gas.
  • Construction.
  • Insurance.
  • Manufacturing and distribution.
  • Shipping, transport and maritime.
  • Banks.
  • M.E governments.